Inlusio is an independent game design studio in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.

Current project: "Mana Crystals"

"Mana Crystals" is an out-of-this-world logic game. It lets the player immerse into a dark but glowing abyss to visit a deep-down cave world. It's here where crystals kept a balance of power for centuries. After a dark power has split life-giving mana from the crystal housings, the player empowers the crystals again by moving the disconnected mana back into their crystal homes. The game challenges with a series of crystals having unique abilities the player needs to find out first and then use.


The game is a unique logic game for the iPad tablet and its goal is to allure the player with an accessible game mechanic but confronting him and her with a riddling twist at the same time. Each of the different crystal types like Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds have unique powers the player needs to find out and use or avoid to finish the game. The game is set in a cave world where a dark age has begun with the cave's life-giving mana being disconnected from their crystal homes. Where living crystals were before, energy-less stones are slowly dying. The player empowers the crystals by moving the disconnected mana back into their crystal homes to restore the balance of power and let the rebirth of this surreal cave world happen.

"Mana Crystals" is an iPad game that uses the device's touch screen to control the game. Every level has mana spheres which need to be dragged and flipped into crystals. The known slingshot mechanism is combined with the twist of activating crystals that influence the game world. Like this the player is confronted with his own play style while being puzzled to find the solution for each of the levels.